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DSM's cloud native journey

2021-11-02 1 min read AWS
Together with Mark Boon (Senior Digital Engineer @ DSM), Andrès Koetsier (cloud consultant at Oblivion) goes in-dept into how DSM adopted a cloud-native way of working to rapidly develop new applications to solve sustainable challenges. Guests: Mark Boon (DSM) and Andrès Koetsier (Oblivion)

Data & Security in the cloud

2021-11-02 1 min read AWS
Martijn Doedens (Cloud Security Consultant at Oblivion) and Niels Zeilemaker (CTO at GoDataDriven) summarise the current state of secure data processing in the (AWS) cloud. We cover the specific services related to data and the services that are used to standardise secure landing zone, actual risks and threats that our customers face when processing big data on AWS and which configurations (aka best practices) you should always implement. Guests: Niels Zeilemaker (GoDataDriven) and Martijn Doedens (Oblivion)

Securing your secrets in the cloud

2021-11-02 1 min read AWS
Have you spotted access keys in code? Putting it directly in your code might not be a good idea. Maybe you saw that Kubernetes offers secrets for this. Have you found your Kubernetes secrets to be readable by everyone? So where do you put your secrets in a secure way? In this session we will look at various solutions, such as Hashicorp Vault, Kubernetes, and solutions offered by AWS. Guests: Jeroen Willemsen (Xebia)

Threat detection and response in the cloud

2021-11-02 1 min read AWS
In this session we talk about how to do detection and response in the AWS public cloud and what native AWS services can be used to do this. What options are available and what (if any) 3rd party solutions play a role here? If it was up to us, what are the top use cases a security operations. Guests: Christiaan van Tienhoven (TKP) - Martijn Doedens (Oblivion)

First glance at AWS CloudFormation Guard 2.0

2021-05-18 3 min read AWS
Yesterday AWS CloudFormation Guard version 2.0 was introduced. Guard is an open source tool that can be used to validate CloudFormation templates against certain rules. You can use it for linting your templates both on syntax and semantics. Linting tools are essential in CI/CD pipelines and an powerful addition when it comes to validating structured and human-readable files such as JSON and YAML. In your delivery pipelines you would preferably run linting tests as early as possible, before proceeding to steps such as compile and deploy steps et cetera(fail-fast). Continue reading

Defense in depth matters

2021-05-12 9 min read AWS
Recently a nasty vulnerability in AWS CloudShell was reported by Google’s Project Zero. Due to a bug in the library handling interaction with the shell and the browser an attacker could trigger remote code execution. AWS CloudShell is a browser based shell which gives a pre-authenticated web-based shell. The service most-often used by a user with administrator privileges on the AWS console. Via remote shell the credentials of the user starting AWS CloudShell can be obtained and can be used to call AWS services. Continue reading
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